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Product Description

This classic pet bed has been elevated by the J’adore touch to offer a truly revolutionary interpretation of pet furniture. Each of these one of a kind rectangle beds are handcrafted with the highest quality components and your choice of up to four fabrics. The result is a traditional yet unconventional pet bed that matches the personality of your bed while also offering the ultimate in comfort and durability.

The cover is fully removable and washable as it features a concealed upholstery zipper. This zipper goes along the back and wraps around the sides so the insert can be nearly effortlessly removed.

Each of these geometric beds are made to the J’adore standards of durability, functionality, and comfort. Serged seams ensure protection against fraying and all our fabrics offered, including cotton, polyester, cotton/rayon blends, and solution dyed acrylic fabrics, are washable. Using industrial sewing machines, bonded nylon thread, and upholstery grade zippers for easy access you are guaranteed a piece of pet furniture that is truly fit for royalty.

Beds are made to order.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion.

Just need a cover?  You can order one here:

Click here to request a custom size bed or fabric!

Rectangle Pet Bed


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  • XS (20″ x 24″) Fiberfill - $89.99
  • S (24" x 30") Fiberfill - $109.99
  • M (24" x 36") Fiberfill - $129.99
  • M (24" x 36") 4" Memory Foam - $169.99
  • L (32" x 40") Fiberfill - $174.99
  • L (32" x 40") 5" HD Foam - $199.99
  • L (32" x 40") 4" Memory Foam - $229.99
  • XL (36 "x 52") Fiberfill - $219.99
  • XL (36" x 52") 5" HD Foam - $234.99
  • XL (36" x 52") 4" Memory Foam - $274.99

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Embroidery Text

Britannic Bold
Brush Script
Calligraph 421 BT Roman
Copperplate Gothic Bold
Curlz MT
Lucida Calligraphy Italic
Stephanie Jane
Times New Roman

Waterproof Insert Cover

Waterproofing your insert cover will prevent the stuffing from getting wet in case of an accident.

The material used has a moisture barrier that has been bonded to the back so water cannot penetrate it. It is also stain, mold, and mildew resistant so cleaning is a breeze!

If this option is not selected, the insert will be covered in our standard muslin.

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